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Jackie Pro  Bike to Work  

Speedy Skill Medley  Shuttle to Overhead A (Run)  

Back Nine  The Alpaca  

Sandbag Ladder  Hat Trick  

Rinse 'N' Repeat  Echo Press  

Up and Over  The Capitol  

Shuttle to Overhead B (Max Jerks)  Elizabeth Elevated  

2021 CrossFit Games Event #1  2021 CrossFit Games Event #2  

2021 CrossFit Games Event #3  2021 CrossFit Games Event #5  

2021 CrossFit Games Event #7  2021 CrossFit Games Event #6  

2021 CrossFit Games Event #8  2021 CrossFit Games Event #13  

2021 CrossFit Games Event #9  2021 CrossFit Games Event #4  

2021 CrossFit Games Event #10  2021 CrossFit Games Event #11  

1 Rep Max Snatch  2021 CrossFit Games Event #14  

2021 CrossFit Games Event #15  Handstand Hold  

Atalanta  Corn Sack Sprint  

Awful Annie  Nasty Nancy  

1000M Row  Damn Diane  

2007 Reload  Friendly Fran  

1 Rep Max Front Squat  Snatch Speed Ladder  

CrossFit Total  Ranch Loops  

Toes-To-Bar/Lunge  Handstand Sprint  

Bike Repeater  Happy Star  

Swim 'N' Stuff  Sprint Sled Sprint  

Clean  Ruck  

Ringer 1  The Standard  

Sprint Couplet  Mary  

Sprint  Sprint Triplet  

Cut 2  Swim Paddle  

First Cut  Ringer 2  

Madison Triplus  Aeneas  

Handstand Walk  Two Stroke Pull  

Bicouplet 2  Chaos  

Crit  30 muscle-ups  

CrossFit Total  Marathon Row  

The Battleground  Clean and Jerk Speed Ladder  

Fibonacci  Madison Triplus  

Bicouplet 1  Assault Banger  

Fibonacci Final  2223 Intervals  

Madison Triplet  Run Swim Run  

Cyclocross  Amanda .45  

Heavy 17.5  Sprint-O-Course  

1 Rep Max Snatch  Triple-G Chipper  

Strongman's Fear  Muscle Up Clean Ladder  

Redemption  Rope Chipper  

The Plow  Suicide Sprint  

Ranch Trail Run  Ranch Deadlift Ladder  

Ranch Mini Chipper  Ocean Swim  

Murph  Squat Clean Pyramid  

Double DT  Climbing Snail  

The Separator  100%  

Handstand Walk  Snatch Speed Ladder  


Soccer Chipper  Sprint Course 2  

Midline Madness  Triangle Couplet  

Sprint Course 1  Heavy DT  

Murph  Sandbag 2015  

Pier Paddle  Clean and Jerk  

Midline March  Double Grace  

Think 'N Quick  The Beach  

Overhead Squat  Triple 3  

Sprint Sled 1  Sprint Sled 2  

21-15-9 Complex  Sprint Carry  

Clean Speed Ladder  Push Pull  

Muscle Up Biathlon  The Cinco 2  

Row 1  The Pool  

Sprint Chipper  2007  

The Cinco 1  Naughty Nancy  

Legless  Zig Zag Sprint  

Burden Run  Row 2  

Medball-HSPU  Sprint  

Fran  Isabel  

Elizabeth  Pendleton 1  

Pendleton 2  Obstacle Course  

Broad Jump  Ball Toss  

Track Triplet  Rope Sled  

Clean Ladder  Chipper  

Double Banger  The End 3  

The End 2  Dog Sled  

Beach  Skills 1  

Rope-Clean  Triplet Sprint  

Skills 2  Killer Kage  

The End 1  Amanda  

Cleans-Handstand Pushups  Deadlift-Pistol-Double Under  

Pyramid Double Helen  7-k Hill Run  

Deadlifts  Sandbag Sprint  

Sledge Row  Couplet  

Triplet  Chipper  

Snatch  Burpee/Deadlift  

The Hill Run  Fran  

Squat Grace  CrossFit Total  

Trail Run  The Hopper