2020 Dubai CrossFit Championship Event #8

2020 Dubai CrossFit Championship Event #8 is workout from the 2020 Dubai CrossFit Championship. This CrossFit workout is a 4ormore. This workout is scored by the time it takes the athlete to complete the work.

Workout Description

25 Parallette Handstand Push-ups( 1 blue plate + abmat / 2 blue plates + abmat)
25 Flying Push-up
25 Deck squat (24kb/16kg)
25 A jumps with 2 KB (55lbs / 35lbs)
25 Reverse Grip Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
25 Devil Press (55lbs / 35lbs)
Score Event 8: Time
Time cap : 13 min / 14 min

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Double Unders   Front Squat   Chest To Bar Pull Ups   Paralette Handstand Push Up   Legless Rope Climb   Devil's Press   A-Jump   Push Ups