2019 CrossFit Italian Showdown Event #1

2019 CrossFit Italian Showdown Event #1 is workout from the 2019 CrossFit Italian Showdown. This CrossFit workout is a triplet. This workout is scored by the time it takes the athlete to complete the work.

Workout Description

6 Squat Snatch 40kg/25kg
6 Pull Ups
9 Squat Snatch 40kg/25kg
9 Pull Ups
12 Squat Snatch 40kg/25kg
12 Pull Ups
Then for time
1000m/900m ski erg

Top Competition Results

Women: Ekaterina Makarova - 08:49.0
Men: Lukas Esslinger - 03:20.0

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Ski Erg   Pull Up   Squat Snatch